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Because your business plan did not have a section called Disaster Preparedness


Preparedness Planning

The mission of 3P-BC is to support organizations in the critical task of ensuring their own survival in the face of natural or man-made disasters through creating customized, dynamic, and robust resiliency programs.

PROFESSIONAL: We believe your corporate resiliency planning deserves more than a check in the box from your human resources department. We provide experienced professionals who work with you to a create a disaster preparedness program ready to ensure your company has the resiliency to recover from catastrophic events.

PREPAREDNESS: The work necessary to implement programs that support mission critical assets and how those can be maintained or replaced when disaster strikes.  This is not just conceptual thinking but infrastructure design, asset investment, redundancies, and back-up capacities that both ensure responsiveness in a disaster, but do not bleed profits during normal operations. 

PLANNING: We use C.O.O.P. or Continuity Of Operations Planning to institute executable plans that consider incidents that if small cripple your company, and if large leave it unrecoverable.  The resiliency plans we build with you are grounded in proper forethought and expertise to empower your company to recover in a way the does not just increase market share, community trust and profitability but literally reduces suffering and save lives.  That is real planning.

The 3P-BC Health Assessment: We come into your facility and sit down with your team to discuss your company's preparedness under a number of scenarios.  We ensure your company will never have to say, "Who could have imagined?"
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